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Invisible Waist Belt Bag

Invisible Waist Belt Bag

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Invisible Waist Belt Bag 

Are you going on holiday, going for a run or do you simply need pockets? Then this waist belt is the right and smart choice.

With this belt you can carry the important things with you, whether it's keys, cards, mobile phone, a snack, travel items or something else. There are several spacious pockets, so you can place things just where it suits you and feels comfortable.

The pockets are so smart that they close tightly together. Then you don't have to worry about losing the keys on the run or losing the money on your holiday!

The belt can be pulled over the clothes, so things are easier to access, for example on a run or shopping trip. It's also easy to pull a shirt over so no one can see - but still easy to access from the top pocket.

The belt is super elastic and designed to sit close to the body without being uncomfortable and without you feeling things in your pockets - even on a run.

As the icing on the cake, the material is moisture-wicking, so that even on a run the belt can absorb sweat and keep the body dry and cool. 

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