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KidsHome - Toy Blockers For Furniture

KidsHome - Toy Blockers For Furniture

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KidsHome - Toy Blockers For Furniture  

Are you also tired of you, your children or pets throwing things under the furniture?
We all know it, there is nothing worse than losing something, for example under the sofa or if a lot of dust and dirt accumulates under the furniture.

With these toy blocks, you no longer have to fish for things that fall under the furniture or, for that matter, dust and dirt.

It is a must have in a home with dust allergy sufferers, asthma or just children and pets! Never again will you have to fish for things or worry about dust under the furniture. Often it can be more time-consuming and difficult to move the furniture to clean under it or get things out from under it - sometimes completely impossible. Here it is super smart with the blocker, so things are stopped by the blocker and are therefore easy to get out again.


The blocker is easy to fit under the furniture and can be cut to fit under almost anything. They are available in black or transparent and do not leave marks.

Buy yours today and get rid of all the trouble of pulling things out or cleaning under furniture that is difficult to get under.


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